Monday, September 8, 2008

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture

Falling for a special offer, charms of a salesperson or just desperate to get the first outdoor patio furniture set you come across-I urge caution!

  1. When deciding to buy patio furniture, it is important to consider the following prior to any commitment.
  2. What have I got in mind e.g. benches or chairs, size and shape of table, material used e.g. wrought iron, teak, plastic, glass, wicker etc?
  3. Where will I put the patio furniture e.g. in a decked area, open garden or lawn or patio area?
  4. Are there size and shape constraints to the patio furniture ?
  5. Am I going for mainly comfort, style or price?
  6. Does it need to be child friendly i.e. no sharp edges, no splinters, be sturdy, not glass or wrought iron?
  7. Will it be weather proof to a satisfactory level?
  8. What guarantee if any will I be given?
  9. Do I have to assemble the furniture myself?
  10. Is it in stock?
  11. What is the delivery time from order to receipt of furniture?
  12. Are there any hidden costs?
  13. Financial options for purchase e.g. special offer credit terms?
  14. Is the company reputable?

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